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The Cool Line is for people who are cool, people who want to be cool and people who demand cool.


Endeavouring to create innovative, attention grabbing designs that demand that all eyes on you feeling. Our collections are dense with an insurgence of transparencies, live wire lines and electric thinking. Graphic innovation and detailing is what sets our brand apart from the rest. A style distinctive yet incredibly detailed.


Beautifully finished digitally printed accessories provide the source for our products. We take pride in the originality and quality of our prints. Striving to achieve the very best in printed accessories. Our striking prints emphasise the all eyes on you feeling we deliver.


Launched in 2015, The Cool Line endeavour to create style statements that demand attention. We produce accessories that will never fall out of fashion. Accessories that are bold, daring and make that definitive style statement within your wardrobe.


Based in North East England we are an up and coming brand created by cool people for cool people. If you think you're cool, get yourself to the back of The Cool Line and Follow Us!