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Neoprene Clutch Bag: The Infinite Print


Turn heads with our striking neoprene clutches, made from the versatile fabric of neoprene; a flexible fabric, ideal for the beach, your make-up or for a night with the girls. Available in various sizes to match any occasion. Neoprene Clutch Bags are made to order and will be shipped within 7-10 working days after purchase.


The Print: Infinite by name Infinite by nature; The Infinite Print dominates with monochrome principles and sharp bursts of colour. This print emanates linear detailing, detailing destined to go on and on forever.

Material: Digitally printed 2-3.5mm neoprene with black protective lining. All Neoprene Clutch bags have a zip fastening. Various sizes available are as follows:
-Medium Neoprene Clutch Bag measures 20cm x 14.5cm
-Large Neoprene Clutch Bag measures 31cm x 24cm

Care Guidelines: We recommend that you do not dry clean, tumble dry or iron your new neoprene clutch. Hand wash only is recommended for your new purchase.